Manage your site via a single dashboard.

The console's personalized dashboard serves as a central hub for key information about every website section and page, your company, and your peers. Use dozens of available "widgets" to customize your view, and click to see and change any section or dataset on your site. If you need to add a new employee or change a bio, just click and type.

Streamline your workflows with
drag-and-drop functionality.

S&P Global Market Intelligence is known for simplifying data access and analysis with simple menus and fast drill-down. We've applied this expertise to our IR interface with drag-and-drop functionality for site updates. For example, you can click on the "Stock Information" admin page to easily set up comparative indexes or change graphs to your favorite colors.

Refresh your site - no tech degree required.

Making changes and uploading content is easy with our browser-based menus and friendly CMS. No technical knowledge required. Our interface is intuitive. With our IR platform and access to our 24/7 support, our help desk is your help desk.

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