Gauge analyst sentiment by keeping your finger on the pulse of the street.

Access broker research, models and industry reports in real time. Easily understand why and when an analyst has been excluded from a consensus estimate. Track specific analysts and trace their estimates back to the underlying research report. Use our historical data to monitor revisions and consensus trends over time.

Determine your strategic position with in-depth competitor analysis.

Set benchmarks and analyze your peers to gain industry insights and monitor market trends. View streaming transcripts as they happen for real-time updates. Compare takeover defense scores to determine your vulnerability relative to your peers. Dynamically follow and analyze the financial positions of your peers in Excel©.

Stay on top of investor activity in your universe and identify opportunities.

Use current and historical ownership data to understand institutional and mutual fund holdings both today and over time, with analysis on sector, style and geography. Target and rank potential investors based on customized criteria with screening and targeting tools built for IR professionals. Use cross holdings to identify prospective investors holding your peers, married with buy/sell trends and buy-side contact data. Use our screening tool to understand if activist investors are entering your industry. Analyze the estimated cost basis of institutional and mutual fund investors holding your company.

Keep your C-suite informed with easy-to-prepare board

Quickly update customizable models catered to investor relations professionals with one click using our Excel plug-in. Leverage PresCenter to quickly create roadshow and board presentations, and seamlessly link charts and ranges from Excel to PowerPoint to Word.

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