Change is inevitable, that's why we don't charge you extra for it.

Businesses need to adapt to changing markets, so we take a no-nonsense approach by not charging extra for updates. Our proactive site reviews and resulting updates are also included.

We keep precise change logs so if you need to, you can track exactly what changes were made and when.

No charge for:

  • Custom pages
  • Governance
  • Site reviews
  • Redesigns
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Mobile

Easily analyze and act upon
traffic data to optimize your site.

What pages are getting the most attention? Should you place the press releases page higher in the site menu? Does your content answer your investors' questions? Is your social media campaign affecting site traffic?

We give you access to your IR site's traffic trends with your own Google Analytics account* so you can monitor investor behavior and optimize your site's effectiveness. Understand who is accessing your site, how they are getting there, and what they are doing once they arrive.
*Clients must set up their own Google Analytics account with their credentials. As administrators, S&P Global Market Intelligence can grant clients the ability to see the analytics for their website only.

Quickly connect to investors
on social media.

Many investors use social media to obtain financial information, and we help facilitate the integration of social media into your IR program. Dynamically embed a Twitter feed, Slideshare or StockTwits on your IR site. Update your Facebook page via our content management system. Post notifications to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with one click. With S&P Global Market Intelligence, it's easy to be social.

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