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Insurance Analysis

InsuranceWith SNL, you can access insurance information like never before. Evaluate every U.S. insurance company, public and private, from every possible angle. In one complete package, get easy access to various financial reports and metrics for Property & Casualty companies, Life, Accident & Health companies, Life Separate Account statements and Health firms.

SNL puts the whirlwind of insurance information under your control.
SNL brings you easy access, order and transparency. SEC Filings. Statutory Data. M&A capital markets and market share information. Key ratios and sector-specific reports. Comprehensive and proprietary news. SNL gives you all the tools you need to analyze every insurance company in the U.S. from top to bottom.

SNL presents insurance information the SNL way.
SNL takes the large and complicated insurance data set and makes it simple. Get snapshots, ratios and preformatted analyses in seconds, not hours. With unique features like bottom-up insurance group analysis, Loss Reserve and ratings data. Key ratios. Reinsurance relationships. Investment portfolio analysis. Loss triangles. Market share. All seamlessly linked with SNL's proprietary news, analytics, public company data and M&A data.

A single resource you can trust.
Our coverage consolidates data from a wide range of sources and makes it accessible to you around the clock, online. SNL's insurance offering is guided by the same hallmarks for which SNL is famous for in other business areas: accuracy, relevance, completeness and timeliness. That's why top insurance executives, investment banks, money managers and legal pros all rely on SNL's unmatched expertise, and why over 94% of SNL clients renew their subscriptions every year.

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News Coverage
  • Comprehensive, `round the clock coverage of breaking P&C, life and health insurance news
  • Exclusive features and in-depth reporting that provide timely insight into industry trends and regulation
  • Daily newsletters offering an unrivaled review of all key industry developments
  • SNL's dynamic archive of more than a decade's worth of insurance news and regulatory filings
Company Briefing Books
  • Pre-formatted snapshots to analyze insurance companies and industry in the way an industry analyst or actuary would
  • Integrated information from a wide variety of sources from one launch pad
  • Dozens of reports including capital adequacy, underwriting, investment, M&A and loss reserve analysis
  • Export reports or custom report groupings in either PDF or Excel format
SEC Filings
  • Access 15 years of SEC filing data in reports standardized and specific to the insurance industry
  • Data with an accuracy guarantee and tagged to the original source document
  • Hundreds of insurance specific ratio calculations with a ratio dissection tool that shows the underlying data used in the calculations
  • As-reported financials displaying company-specific data presentations saving clients hours with model creation
Statutory Data
  • Access 15 years of Statutory data for P&C, Life and Health and Managed Care companies and groups
  • Proprietary “SNL Group” and “SNL Subgroup” calculations standardize complex corporate structures and apply inter-company adjustments to present historical annual and quarterly data on an “As-Is” basis
  • Analytics that simplify the complicated with push button loss reserve, capital adequacy, investment and reinsurance analysis
  • Insurance industry data for every data point available for individual insurance companies
Loss Reserve
The statutory insurance statement provides extensive loss reserve information by line of business and accident year in their loss reserve presentation. SNL has simplified and standardized the presentation of this data so you can begin performing significant analysis of reserves within minutes.
Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Screen for M&A transactions in our comprehensive database, including whole insurance companies, brokers and agencies as well as asset-only and renewal rights deals
  • Perform detailed analysis using our data, including deal terms and pricing ratios, buyer and target financials, and relevant M&A documents
  • View quarterly adviser league table rankings, and build your own custom league tables
Peer Analytics

SNL's Peer Analytics offers innovative default peer logic and powerful customization options, allowing you to perform the most complete analysis for over 5,000 insurance companies in the U.S. Within Peer Analytics you can:

  • Create relevant peer comparisons using SNL's proprietary score & rank functionality
  • Customize your peer reports by selecting fields such as Tangible Equity, Net Income, ROAE, and Total Policy Income.
  • Add SNL indexes or custom aggregates for additional benchmarking
  • Leverage your saved peer groups within the rest of SNL
Insurance Rate & Product Filings

SNL's P&C Rate & Product Filings help you perform timely and quality analyses on this robust and complicated dataset. Use this product to:

  • Bring you access to filings faster than ever, giving you more clarity on what is happening right now in the market.
  • Save hours of time that you now spend sifting through nonessential documents.
  • Layer in statutory data to gain context and immediate insight into the impact of a filing on a company's overall business and the market.
  • Improve your analytical capabilities with our Excel® add-in or feed your models directly with this raw data.
  • Perform robust searches to locate specific text within filings or quickly search all states within one uniform platform.

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Enterprise Reporting & Analytics

All firms want to move the dial forward – to grow operations and maximize efficiency. SNL understands that analyzing data quickly and easily is imperative for an organization to capture, service and retain clients. We help firms gain the greatest return from their data by delivering a solution that allows them to:

  • Merge data from separate silos into a centralized location
  • Build custom reports or utilize a library of P&C-specific performance measures
  • Make high-quality, proactive decisions using accurate, relevant data
  • Rely on a team of experts from planning to post-implementation support

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