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Insurance Rate and Product Filings

Insurance Rate Filings SNL's Rate & Product Filings improve both your competitive and market intelligence by allowing you to perform timely and quality analyses on this complicated dataset. Your pricing analysts and product managers can refocus their attention from manual search and data entry to strategic market analysis, transforming your workflow and giving you the competitive edge needed to remain a market leader.

Advanced search options for fast and efficient access.
SNL’s advanced search options allow you to search across thousands of P&C filings, finding the Rate, Rule and Form filings you need based on insurance-specific criteria, like geography, type of insurance, filing type, rate impact and more. Use the keyword search to help you locate specific text within our filings database. The search results return a comprehensive filing profile, from document number to filing status to rate change, all on a single page.

Create relevance and context with statutory data.
SNL’s product filing profile provides you a snapshot of each filing while allowing you to quickly view relevant statutory data, as well as filing history and source documents. By layering in statutory data, you’ll gain insight into the immediate impact of a filing on a company’s overall business and the market.

Use this data to power decisions.
SNL's Excel® models empower you with search, report and modeling capabilities on over 80 data items from our Rate & Product Filings. Our company, peer and industry-specific templates give you greater insight into insurance programs and products, and the ability to perform point-in-time or time-series analysis of approved and proposed rate changes, overall rate impact, affected policy holders, premiums written and more.