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Bank Data Analysis: Real Time Bank Data Analysis

A streamlined solution for internal bank reporting

Do you really know how your bank performed yesterday or even two weeks ago? SNL Banker gives you the answers by providing you with a single source for performing real-time bank data analysis. With this new tool, you'll:

  • Understand drivers, trends, and risks on a real-time basis
  • Make more informed, data-driven decisions
  • Improve accountability and ownership
  • Spend less time preparing reports and more time acting on bank data analysis

Our best-in-class reporting system securely integrates data from several internal sources, such as a bank's core processor, general ledger, budget & profitability systems, CRM tools, and other systems to provide the insight needed to proactively manage the bank.

SNL Banker is a comprehensive business intelligence solution that gives bankers a complete picture of their business from a credit & risk, finance, sales and marketing or operations perspective. With pre-built report frameworks for departments across the organization, SNL Banker provides a single, turn-key data analysis solution. All users have the flexibility to quickly and easily customize or create reports to meet their specific needs.

The SNL Banker Community
When you subscribe to SNL Banker, you automatically join the exclusive SNL Banker Community. You’ll gain access to webinars and conferences where industry experts and other members will share strategies for improving performance and utilizing the bank data analysis tools available through SNL Banker. You’ll also have a dedicated SNL Banker adviser, who will be available for regular consultations to ensure that you’re maximizing the power of the SNL Banker service to meet your business objectives.

Learn how our clients are using SNL Banker to drive their business:

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