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Mortgage Market Share Data

View detailed lender information with SNL’s Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data.

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act requires depository and non-depository lenders to collect and publicly disclose information about mortgage loans and applications. This extensive dataset includes details on applicant/borrower characteristics, application amounts and funded loan amounts.

Use SNL’s HMDA data to better understand the largest players in specific markets. Our data and analytical tools allow you to:

  • Instantly view mortgage market share data for any U.S. lender
  • Easily compare data by state-, county- or MSA-level aggregates to national totals
  • Access statistics on the loan type, purpose of the loan and the applicant race for available markets
  • Quickly compare data for operating companies vs. parent companies
  • Monitor historical market trends in any state, county, or MSA back to 2001
  • View historical trends by market back to 2001

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