Faster, more accurate ways for banks to evaluate Opportunity, Risk and Performance


Market Analysis

Map growth opportunities, set goals and plan campaigns with our market data and peer analytics. Create instant maps of branch networks showing consumer and business demographic data. See interest rate movements. Identify opportunities with Nielsen Financial Clout® data to evaluate the demand for over 100 financial products by geographic market.

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SNL Samples

Read about SNL Market Analysis solutions and see sample data screens, charts and templates

Peer Benchmarking

Chart exactly how you compare with your peers on key metrics like overhead, margins, capitalization and profitability. Make apples-to-apples comparisons with SNL’s powerful peer performance analytics. Curious where a data point on a public company comes from? “Source tagging” of GAAP financials takes you to the line item in the original document.

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Read about SNL Peer Benchmarking solutions and see sample data screens, charts and templates


Price your offerings based on real-time competitive data - SNL provides coverage of consumer deposit and loan rates. Balance market-driven decisions with internal goals. SNL’s platform makes it easy to include estimated cost of funds, perceived default risk, term liquidity and interest rate premiums.

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Read about SNL’s tools for pricing competitively while minimizing risk.

"SNL publishes bank data faster than anyone else and is the only provider with an accuracy guarantee. You have zero risk."


Monitor and Mitigate Risk

SNL offers a robust suite of data and tools to build risk models quickly, giving you more time for analysis. Track metrics critical to a bank’s success such as credit quality, credit concentration exposure, capital requirements, liquidity, reputation risk, Basel III Capital and key financial performance ratios versus peers.

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Read about SNL Risk Mitigation solutions and see sample data screens, charts and templates

"SNL has exclusive news coverage, data you can't find anywhere else, source tagging and 24/7 support. You get more value."


Bank Valuations

Rate your bank’s value and plan M&A deals with SNL’s valuation data and models. See how you are performing against your institution’s defined goals. Give both shareholders and regulators a perspective on your financial health. Recognize capital needs. Analyze valuation of peer institutions. Identify M&A opportunities.

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Read about SNL Bank Valuation solutions and see sample data screens, charts and templates


Spot regulatory red flags and prepare for examinations in less time. From loan portfolio analysis to stress-testing, identify key risks, regulatory issues and potential problems compared to your peers. View over 20 years of historical call report financials. Plot trending of key metrics.

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Read about SNL solutions for regulatory examination prep. See sample data and templates

Board Meetings AND INVESTOR RELAtions

Prepare board and investor presentations in substantially less time with less effort. SNL’s suite of solutions helps directors assess a bank’s condition and evaluate risk. You get data and templates like CAMELS indicators, deposit and loan composition, Canary Reports and Executive Compensation. Take advantage of SNL-hosted IR websites to tell your unique investment story.

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Read about SNL solutions for board report preparation and shareholder communications. See sample data screens, charts, templates and IR websites

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