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SNL is the world’s premier source of sector-focused business intelligence. We consolidate, standardise and
publish proprietary information, comprehensive analysis and real-time news on a single, easy-to-use
web platform. Time-consuming manual data entry is a thing of the past.
  1. Testimonials

    Client Testimonials

    “Covering the plethora of European banks' financials and news across so many systems has become so much easier thanks to SNL's European product which is second to none. Using it will help our new bank rating business grow faster. I especially appreciate the promptness, consistency, accuracy and comparability.”
    Sam Theodore, Managing Director, Scope Ratings

    “I continue to be thoroughly impressed with the array of information that is succinctly summarised in all of SNL’s tools. I cannot think of a more valuable research resource that I have come across in my career. A fantastic foundation has been laid by your support, sales and research teams, and I look forward to learning more applications that can assist in my daily functions.”
    Bret Greene, Financial Analyst, Highwoods Properties, Inc.

    “For the first time, I have a database that allows me to quickly find very detailed information on banks and savings banks in Norway, while also allowing me to do valid comparisons against hundreds of peer companies throughout Europe. SNL has increased my team’s capabilities, while freeing us from tedious data entry.”
    Kjetil Lind Andersen, Senior Associate, SpareBank 1 Markets

    "I find SNL Metals Economics Group services extremely useful—and I should say indispensable. [It] allows me to see which mines are expanding or developing new operations—opportunities for Outotec’s concentrate filtration process. The service is intuitive to use and I can get the information I need quickly and easily. I like the depth of information and the historical record of the mine development. I also appreciate the ability to download data to a spreadsheet for analysis or to produce detailed PDF reports for individual mines or groups of mines."
    Ian Townsend, Manager - Filter Business (Flotation Concentrates), Outotec

  2. Metals & Mining

    Metals & Mining

    Rising costs. Increased risk. Reduced investment. SNL Metals Economics Group provides an interactive platform integrating data, news, and analytics to help you navigate the challenges facing today's global mining industry and find opportunities.

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    Optimize your time and resources

    with our powerful interactive

    platform and tools.

    Easily search current and reliable operating and financial data on thousands of mining projects and companies. From discoveries, drill results, reserves and resources to production, exploration, M&A and financings, access it all online or embedded in your Excel workflow. And we’re adding new datasets, coverage and features all the time.

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    Make better, faster more

    profitable decisions with our

    single-source solution.

    SNL Metals Economics Group links together in-depth data, expert research, powerful analytics and breaking news on a single online platform. For example, SNL MEG is the industry's only comprehensive source of global exploration budget details. No other source has our depth of detailed operating and financial data, both current and historical.

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    Visualize your strategies with

    interactive mapping of projects

    and claims data.

    SNL’s interactive mapping allows you to create maps using metals and mining project and claims data. Apply your choice of filters. Drill down to hot spots for future exploration. Look at competitor activity. Instantly see the location of holdings that meet your required criteria or hurdle rates and monitor jurisdictions for upcoming and potential opportunities. Easily customize for use in reports and presentations.

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    Uncover opportunities, reduce

    risk, benchmark key metrics, and

    produce instant presentations.

    With SNL MEG:
    • Mining companies can plot strategy, monitor project progress and analyze acquisitions in less time.
    • Financiers can run instant M&A scenarios, view capital offerings and benchmark deals against more than 15 years of transaction history.
    • Service and equipment providers can act on market data to fuel growth.
    And all can create data-rich presentations with point-and-click ease

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    Stay on top of global mining

    developments with exclusive

    real-time news.

    Our global news team scours hundreds of publications and documents in multiple languages around the clock to deliver the most current mining industry news from every corner of the world. Access our online platform 24/7 to catch up on headlines you may have missed throughout the day or week.

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    Streamline your work flow and

    decision-making with our Excel®


    No more digging through piles of data. No more waiting for actionable comp tables or target lists. Easily build models using our Excel templates or customize your own. Flow our data into spreadsheets that refresh instantly, streamlining analysis.

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  3. Global Media & Communications

    Global Media & Communications

    SNL Kagan is your single source for in-depth analysis and proprietary data on key media & communications sectors, including TV networks, pay-TV, broadcasting, film, wireless/wireline and Internet media. We integrate news, financial data and expert analysis on one platform. In the global multichannel marketplace, we cover 80 countries and more than 260 operators.

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    Global multichannel: from country

    reports to operator profiles.

    SNL templates enable apples-to-apples comparisons by country for digital, broadband, OTT, VOD or IPTV penetration rates, from China to Russia to the U.K. See in-depth profiles of 260 key operators, with ARPU figures. SNL Kagan covers more countries in more detail than any other provider. We have a unique methodology for gathering hard-to-find data from a variety of sources and standardising it.

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  4. Global Real Estate

    Global Real Estate

    SNL Real Estate gives the world’s top real estate professionals a competitive edge. Our proprietary data, news and analysis encompass 750 companies and over 110,000 properties in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and North America. Prepare reports, compare peers, map assets and develop strategies with one-click ease on our powerful interactive platform.

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    Comparisons across countries

    and continents made easy.

    Country-to-country reporting differences are no longer an obstacle. SNL Real Estate standardises global data on a single template for easy apples-to-apples peer comparisons from America to Asia, with instant currency conversion. Our detailed company profiles follow the same format from financials to capital structure. Access as-reported documents in one mouse click.

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    Instant peer analysis maps

    of multiple portfolios.

    Create instant maps of a company’s portfolio against its peers, differentiating between operating portfolios and development pipelines. See the competitive effects of a merger, acquisition or divestiture, with asset-level detail. Use buffers, demographics and geographic layers in your analysis. Plot tens of thousands of properties around the globe in minutes, not hours.

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    Key metrics from NAV and FFO

    to geographic exposure.

    SNL is the only provider of aggregate industry-specific metrics like NAV, FFO and AFFO. Identify the hits and the misses. Our consensus estimates include price targets, EPS and more. We provide exclusive research reports and collect individual estimates. Look at a company’s geographical exposure and drill down to property details: transactions, debt and tenants.

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    Tools that simplify

    complex analysis.

    Our Excel add-in lets you create proprietary models that refresh instantly. Point and click to create in-depth reports in minutes using tools like our tear sheet, combining financials and market data. SNL’s templates eliminate the stress of earnings season. Click to modify reports in real time each quarter. Check details in our quick reference earnings calendar.

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    The latest news with links to

    the latest data.

    SNL Real Estate’s newsletters, Data Dispatches, blogs and SNL Mobile provide daily market-moving coverage of global real estate securities in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, delivered directly to your desktop or mobile device. From breaking news in real time to proprietary research, we keep you informed. Drill down to relevant SNL data such as company profiles.

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  5. European Financials

    European Financials

    Analyse more than 800 financial data items on over 700 European financial institutions. Our standardised formats make it easy to conduct peer comparisons and review performance against key metrics. Our comprehensive coverage includes 220,000+ mappable bank branch locations, financial profiles, country banking statistics and more.

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    A common platform for peer


    SNL’s exclusive IFRS banking and insurance templates facilitate peer comparisons of institutions across the Continent. Quickly compare loan and deposit composition by type or risk-weighted regulatory capital and asset data. Probe credit quality metrics. SNL performs all currency conversions and language translations, saving you
    valuable time.

    Sample screens

    Profile the banking industry

    in each country.

    Not only does SNL give you the most informative views with drill-down detail on companies, SNL’s country profiles allow you to compare countries across multiple macroeconomic indicators as well as focus on one country’s economy. From branch networks to current M&A activity, bring current and historical sovereign context to your analysis.

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    Evaluate mergers, acquisitions

    or divestitures.

    Analysis is faster and easier with our banking-specific M&A comp ratios and interactive tools. Study 5 years of historical M&A data and equity offerings. Get complete coverage of vital deal metrics and key players. Visualise the impact of a potential merger with push-button mapping that overlays company branch footprints.

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    Europe’s only bank branch

    database and mapping tool.

    Create professional-quality branch maps with point-and-click ease to visualise a company’s branch network or the geographical impact of a merger. Perform effective market and competitor analyses with our bank branch analytics. SNL collects data on 220,000+ bank branches across Europe.

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    A real-time hub of news, data

    and insight.

    Stay on top of current news and trends with SNL’s real-time news updates, newsletters and The Daily Dose, our early morning summary of local banking news from across the Continent, translated as needed. Access original sources with one click – SNL archives all original documents. SNL news content can be viewed on any mobile device.

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    SNL’s European coverage

    now includes insurance.

    Simplify your analysis of the complicated European insurance market. SNL offers insurance industry coverage of listed, non listed, and significant subsidiaries of covered companies in Europe. Benchmark competitive position relative to peers more efficiently, analyse counterparty risk for any insurance transaction, or assess the capital adequacy of an insurance company with single click ease.