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From data accuracy to client support, SNL customers have good things to say about us. Testimonials from top professionals in our covered industries prove we're not just blowing our own horn. Select an industry below to view related testimonials.

  • "I love SNL service. It makes me smarter about my customers' needs and better able to anticipate them."
    Sharla Godbehere, Account Manager, Equifax Inc.

    "I've been using the SNL Data service for over the last two years. It's proven to be my best source of insurance news and financial information. Its interactive tool is simple yet robust enough to allow for complex and efficient analysis. Overall, a great product that I recommend."
    Brian Schleider, CFO, Healthcare Providers Insurance Exchange

    "For the first time, I have a database that allows me to quickly find very detailed information on banks and savings banks in Norway while also allowing me to do valid comparisons against hundreds of peer companies throughout Europe. SNL has increased my team’s capabilities, while freeing us from tedious data entry."
    Kjetil Lind Andersen, Senior Associate, SpareBank 1 Markets AS

    SNL provides ABN AMRO an invaluable source of data, sector benchmarks and news. It helps us in providing the right tools to our professionals.
    Charles Spaan, Managing Director, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

    "I can truthfully say that SNL has vastly simplified our data gathering process. No longer do I need to run complicated VBA macros in Excel every quarter to combine the various types of past due loans on Schedule RC-N of the call report from the FDIC Extranet download in order to get total noncurrent loans. With SNL, I get the data literally at the click of a button. Plus, SNL has the call report data more than two weeks earlier than the FDIC.

    SNL has improved the quality of the data in DFI’s own databases by giving us something to validate against. I get updates from SNL on management changes faster than I do from the licensees or even my own coworkers. With the breadth and depth of the information and analysis tools that SNL offers, DFI has been able to increase the scope of the analysis and review of the financial institutions that we license."
    Patrick C. Carroll, Strategic Support Manager, California Dept of Financial Institutions

    After two years as a client, we’re probably still not using SNL to its fullest — and that speaks very well to the product’s depth and constant innovation. Read the case study.
    David Hendrix, CFO, Ohio Mutual Insurance Group

    I love that SNL's database and customer support are industry specific and the data is very accurate. I like that you guys pay clients if they find errors (even though I have yet to find a mistake in the data).
    Sam Caven, Analyst, Corporate Finance, Starwood Capital Group Global, L.P.

    Our clients depend on us to provide them with accurate facts and figures, so it is important to me that I am able to get correct data quickly from SNL. I also appreciate that SNL makes its accuracy guarantee and follows through.
    Andrea Reynolds, Associate Consultant, Expansion Division, Young & Associates, Incorporated

    Seriously, you guys have very dependable, quick and knowledgeable service. I used to look at all the comments on your Web site and wonder whether they are cooked up. Now I am convinced that they are not. Keep up the great work!
    Amitabh Bhargava, Business Director, Commercial Credit Risk Management, Capital One Financial Corporation

    I am so pleased that my company decided to switch back to SNL as our primary financial services information source. I know that the data is reliable and I can count on it when performing analyses. The Web site and SNLxl add-in also are very user friendly and have much more capability than other information providers. When you consider SNL's reliability and functionality versus its competitors, it is easy to conclude that it is the best product on the market and offers the best value.
    Jenny Austin, Vice President, Chaffe & Associates, Inc.

    SNL has the highest quality customer service of any major information provider I've used during my investment banking career.
    Matthew Amer, Associate, Global Banking, Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc.

    I am always impressed with the speed at which questions, concerns, and errors are addressed at SNL. SNL should hold seminars for other companies, businesses, and especially the government.
    Matt Wainscott, Senior Financial Analyst, Austin Associates LLC

    I just recommended SNL as a service to a fellow CEO in life insurance because of the quality of service I receive from SNL's client support team.
    Kirk Babb, President, First Guaranty Insurance Company

    I am the portfolio manager for a fund invested almost exclusively in insurance stocks. Given my option for one data provider SNL was the choice. I've worked closely with a number of people on your team, in different capacities, and they are indeed top notch.
    E. Stewart Johnson, Portfolio Manager, Brookville Fund Managers LLC

    I had my first interaction with your support group. I have to say that out of the many data providers I deal with, I never had such a positive experience. All the people I talked to were extremely helpful and accessible. I am very happy Iowa State University is an SNL client.
    Valentina Salotti, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University

  • "SNL Banker has truly allowed us to be more sophisticated in our budget process and has cut the time it takes to prepare the budget in half!"
    Ami Myrland, Controller, McFarland State Bank

    "SNL Banker facilitates getting massive amounts of data from the core and presenting it in a meaningful way."
    Mike McCrary, Executive VP, Ecommerce/Emerging Tech, Lincoln Savings Bank

    "The SNL platform has tremendous capability. What used to take me hours to pull comparative industry data, now takes only moments. We have also replaced some of our internal reports with SNL pre-defined reports saving even more time. I can also compliment SNL’s technical support who has been very capable and efficient every time I have called - even on the weekend!"
    Theresa Keegan, CFO, Fidelity Bank, National Association

    "SNL Banker has been a life saver. Not only has the product improved efficiencies, it has provided CFSB with a tool that our entire bank can use for up to date and accurate information at the click of a button. Possibilities are endless! All it takes is an idea and SNL Banker does everything to make that idea a reality.”
    Alyssa Reed, Financial Accountant, Community Financial Services Bank

    "When we realized how much the SNL product offers, it was a jaw-dropping experience. We previously used what we thought were similar products to SNL. However, those products don't even come close to what SNL gives us. SNL saves us a huge amount of time. The amount of data available is amazing. And SNL's tools for analyzing the data are even better. Any credit union or bank would greatly benefit from the use of the SNL product."
    Staci A. Williams, Finance Manager, Genisys Credit Union

    "I can't imagine the behind-the-scenes effort that must be required to keep such a seamless and consistent customer presentation but I believe SNL needs to be mentioned with the other exemplary customer centric companies that are often cited as models (ie: Disney, Ritz-Carlton, etc). Just an outstanding experience that stands noticeably above the din of daily vendor interactions."
    John A. Balli, CPA, Executive Vice President and CFO, Kinderhook Bank Corp.

    "We just resumed SNL service after a brief break and we feel like we hit the lottery. You have no peer in the Community Banking world." Read the case study.
    Vincent G. Thomas II, Senior Vice President, McKinnon & Company, Inc.

    SNL’s in-depth database of financial metrics enables us to quickly assess how we compare to our state and regional peers on key metrics related to credit quality and deposit mix.
    Jon Nelson, Manager of Business Analytics, Rockland Trust Company

    In today’s challenging economic environment, we are continuously looking for opportunities to enhance revenue and optimize expense. SNL’s peer comparison tools helped us identify the highest priority opportunities for us to pursue to improve our bottom line performance.
    Brian Plum, CFO, Blue Ridge Bankshares, Inc.

    SNL’s Branch Proximity Report, mapping tools and demographic data have been important resources in helping us refine our competitive strategy in our markets and assess acquisition opportunities.
    Eric S. Nadeau, Chief Financial Officer, Home Federal Bancorp, Inc.

    SNL’s Merger Model has been an incredibly valuable tool for our bank in responding to merger and acquisition opportunities. SNL's model has enabled us to quickly assess the attractiveness of various deals and determine the impact they would have on our shareholders.
    Jared Merritt, Senior Financial Analyst, Camden National Corporation

    SNL has helped me and my team save a lot of time preparing for meetings with our board of directors, investors and bank examiners. We are able to easily and quickly create charts comparing our performance to our peers, and update the charts quarterly with minimal effort.
    Matt Johnson, CFO, WashingtonFirst Bankshares, Inc.

    "It is a very powerful tool which I will use often. SNL is by far the best company for banking news and analysis."
    Gerald Ciejka, Vice President & General Counsel, Westfield Bank

    "SNL's product and service are extremely good. 'Wow!!' is something that I've said several times after discovering a powerful feature of the product or receiving a very quick and detailed response to a question on the product."
    Tom Tuma, Vice President of Finance, Home Town Federal Credit Union

    "As a closed-segment credit union, we were initially skeptical about how much we would use the SNL product since we were only interested in the deposit and loan rate comparisons. However, after using the product, we've realized that the rest of the product offers tremendous value. This tool has brought a whole new dimension to our firm that helps us make better business decisions."
    Tom Pisano, CFO, UMassFive College Federal Credit Union

    "SNL enables us to make better decisions while also saving us significant time. Being able to analyze rate, branch, deposit, demographic, mortgage origination, and peer data all in a single product at the same time makes our analysis so much more meaningful than before when we analyzed various data sets via multiple products. In addition, SNL's phone and online support are extremely good - whenever we call with a question, someone who understands banks is able to immediately give us an answer."
    Sue Savat, Senior Vice President and CFO, Merchants Financial Group, Inc.

    "Since upgrading to SNL Unlimited from Datatrac, we've been thoroughly impressed with both the vast amount of information available and how easy it is to analyze the data. SNL's peer analysis tools are fantastic and allow us to do things that we never thought were possible. In addition, the price is very fair for a community bank. Our only regret is not subscribing to the product sooner."
    Robert G. Wright, CMA, CFM, Director of Enterprise Risk Management, Citizens Bank & Trust

    "Market share data, marketplace analysis by branch, demographics, and peer data. These are just a few of the many reports that SNL gives users access to in a simple web-based format. In the past, Red Canoe Credit Union used to pay thousands of dollars a year to have outside consultants pull these numbers for us, now we pull them ourselves without the wait or the cost. All of this by itself would have been enough for us to purchase the SNL product, but the customer service and training we have received from SNL’s account managers in regards to questions about data or setting up unique reports, has been over the top. If you are in the financial services industry and not currently using this product, I would highly recommend that you make the purchase."
    Rich Wilson, CFO, Red Canoe Credit Union

  • "The drive for continually improving an already tremendous resource is evident at SNL. In an era where systems and databases are continuously getting more automated and complicated, SNL has made data easier to find and present while providing dedicated and personal customer service and collaboration. Not only does the team take the time to answer a specific need, but they all are willing to review methodology and intent to make future projects run seamlessly. It is a pleasure interacting with such a well-run group of professionals on a daily basis."
    Bret Greene, Senior Financial Analyst, Highwoods Properties, Inc.

    "We see SNL Financial as a one-stop shop for independent, transparent data on the listed real estate market. The depth and breadth of coverage is continuously improving. In addition to a very user-friendly system, the SNL team has been very helpful in tailoring the products and services to meet our specific requirements."
    Jan Willem Vis, CIO Global Listed Real Estate, BNP Paribas SA

    "SNL Financial has been the most reliable and abundant source of information for us. The breadth of products and customer service has undeniably saved me from countless hours of manual work. For those in the real estate industry, SNL is not a want but rather a need!"
    Zeyu Chen, Analyst, BMO Capital Markets Corp.

    "SNL is the go-to source for listed real estate information in the United States and is rapidly building on that strong reputation in Europe."
    Dr. Colin Lizieri, Professor of Real Estate Finance, University of Cambridge

    "SNL Financial has more than paid for itself with the time it saves my and other departments at our company. Projects that used to take a week now take us a day or less. In addition to SNL’s data being accurate, their help line has been invaluable. SNL's Support Team is professional, knowledgeable and patient. In short, SNL Financial has become an absolutely essential resource."
    Stephanie Krewson, Vice President, Investor Relations, COPT Defense Properties

    "SNL excels at consolidating and disseminating relevant industry news and information in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, the firm offers unparalleled customer service and a knowledgeable support team that goes above and beyond in serving our various needs."
    Amanda Parisi, Associate, KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc.

    "SNL is the "GOLD STANDARD" on information for REITs. Without SNL much of the research I did as a sell side analyst would not have been possible. Now that I teach REIT analysis in my Real Estate Capital Markets class at DU, the course would not be possible without SNL data - as students would never have enough time to collect the necessary data to do a good report on their selected REIT. Without SNL much of the academic research I do would also not be possible. There is no other quality source like SNL."
    Dr. Glenn R. Mueller, Professor, University of Denver

  • Remarkable..... Unbelievable, frankly. SNL Financial is, hands down, the best research, news, and analysis product out there, and I’ve used a bunch of them. When I received a feedback request from you guys, I had to laugh, because in spite of the fact that SNL already excels in everything I know they do, they’re constantly on the move to get better. Amazing. Most firms would be resting on their laurels, not you guys.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again here: Professionally, I am more pleased with the SNL services than I am with any product or service of any kind, period. Read the case study.
    Joseph Leingang, Director of Fuels & Transportation, Basin Electric Power Cooperative

    SNL provides energy companies with the best bang for the buck of any information product out there. Read the case study.
    Bob Hess, Director of Investor Relations, Northwest Natural Holding Company

    I use the SNL database frequently, and it has proven to be an invaluable research tool for us here at RBS. In addition to keeping us very up-to-date on news and events in the industry, it has enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of our clients' business and financials.

    We recently put together a pitch book for one of our clients that involved the production of a detailed peer analysis for that client. Using SNL we were able to compare the company's full business and financial metrics with those of its peers. This included customer and sales breakdowns, generation breakdown, transmission lines, service territories and other plant data, as well as a full set of financial metrics. The final product was just what we were looking for, and we ended up winning the deal!
    Grant Matthews, Senior Vice President, NatWest Markets Securities Inc.

    SNL consistently provides the best coverage of FERC, providing readers not just the news they need to know on a timely basis, but superior depth by offering helpful insights and analysis into the policy significance and context of a particular action. That's the real value-added service that sets SNL apart from its competition in my mind.
    Jay Carriere, Manager, Federal Regulatory Affairs, Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company

    I was impressed with the quick response and desire to correct a small error.
    Brian L. Fuller, Manager, Operations & Generation Services, The Southern Company

    Recently I was introduced to the SNL websites and software for extracting benchmarking information for electric and gas utilities. The tools provided are excellent, and the support, superior to other such services used.

    I had the opportunity to contact SNL on two occasions, on both I received knowledge and quick responses, with the support personnel even providing their direct lines for me to phone at any time with questions. Keep up the good work.
    Charisse Trottier, Strategic Planning Supervisor, DTE Energy Company

    I have been an SNL user for about three years now and I want to give you kudos because I have seen your product progress greatly and am happy to call it my exclusive source of information for my industry. Thank you!
    David Orinski, Financial Analyst, PPL Corporation

  • SNL Kagan's platform is one of our primary go-to sources for the information we need to evaluate industry and competitive trends to service provider profiles. It's all up-to-date and easy to access!
    Sharon Metz, VP, Vertical Marketing, TiVo Corporation

    Your group responded to my issue effectively and promptly.
    John Sanders, Principal, Bond & Pecaro, Inc.

    SNL Client Services is always just a quick phone call away from the answer I need.
    Jennifer Doran, Research Librarian, Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

    This was my first experience with your client team and I was overwhelmed by the speed and quality of the response, as well as their follow-up to make sure I got what I needed. Very impressive!
    Ann Garrison, Senior Market Research & Analysis Manager, AT&T Inc.

    I'm very impressed with the quality of SNL's Client Services team in every interaction I've had. Response was far quicker than I'd expected and their answer was intelligent and informed.
    Deborah Kaye, Senior Information Specialist, Warner Media, LLC

    Excellent and responsive service! I have had some questions answered by SNL Client Services; they were very thorough, timely and prompt in getting back to me. An example of very good customer service that one can rely on.
    Vani Inampudi, Research Librarian, QUALCOMM Incorporated

  • SNL's support team made this process extremely easy and even enjoyable! There was so little work to be done on my end since the SNL team really took the process from start to finish and handled it with ease and professionalism! My staff and my board are very pleased with the results, and I get to take the credit! We finished the project on time, and even a bit ahead of schedule, thanks to the direction provided by SNL. I would highly recommend this to anyone else considering a similar project! Thanks!
    James E. Oosterman, Vice President, Melrose Bank

    During our new website launch, I have been interacting with many business partners and I have to say that my experience working with SNL has been the most rewarding. They are right there when you need them no matter what time of day and their client interaction is one of the best I have experienced in the last 10 years. They are true professionals and they have certainly spoiled me when working with other business partners.
    Ana Miles, Senior Vice President, Marketing Officer, The Palmetto Bank

    It's a pleasure working with such an enthusiastic team. Great customer service and client response. Keep up the great work!
    Joan Bates, Senior Director, Investor & Media Relations, Adtalem Global Education Inc.

    "One of the best decisions ever made was to have SNL provide our corporate website. I never worry about disclosure issues or making a misstep with your professionals assisting."
    Jennie Singer, AVP Shareholder Relations, United Bankshares, Inc.

    In all honesty, SNL has one of the best support groups out there. The team is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Please keep up the great work!
    Sandi Lehr, Senior Analyst, Investor Relations, KeyCorp

    SNL's Web site controls are an industry gold standard. They allow busy IR consultant professionals to handle the management of multiple Web sites with relative ease. And, if I need help, I know there's a great support group to back me up.
    Bartley Parker, Vice President, ICR, LLC

    Your support team is consistently a pleasure to deal with. They are highly responsive, helpful and their level of service very refreshing! You've exceeded my expectations with my many interactions and requests.
    Cindy S. Walters, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing, Alliance Bank

    SNL Support staff treat all requests - large and small - with the same urgency and care. This is truly valuable in today's business world.
    Karrie J. Parker, Vice President, Electronic Banking, The Fauquier Bank

    From our Account Representative, to the sales team, to the Support group, everyone is focused on providing a superior level of service. Everyone has always been responsive and friendly!

    It's such a pleasure to work with a team of dedicated professionals that obviously like what they're doing and deliver a product and service with enthusiasm and expertise. To sum it up: superior execution every time from a team of friendly, dedicated professionals who obviously like what they do and deliver a product and a service that exceeds customer expectations.
    Kimberly A. DeBra, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & Marketing, First Northern Community Bancorp

    SNL is so proactive; I was thrilled to get a call right after issuing our press release asking if we wanted it posted to our Web site. Thank you for your excellent customer service!
    Heather Schnader, Marketing Specialist, Eastern Insurance Holdings, Inc.

    You guys are always awesome to deal with!  You are always quick, efficient and accurate in your help – it's a great pleasure to deal with a support team who knows the ins and outs of their system as accurately as your team does!
    Linda Sickmiller, Executive Assistant, SB Financial Group, Inc.

    SNL Financial continues to set itself apart from competitors with superb customer service, solid content and great follow-through. It's appreciated.
    Bob Hess, Director, Investor Relations, Northwest Natural Holding Company

    The entire IR Support team is wonderful. I would be lost without them! The fact that I've got extremely capable and delightful people backing me up on our Web site takes a lot of worry and stress off of me and the Regency IR team. Thank you so much for assembling such a great team all of whom are highly professional, capable, friendly, courteous and fast -- all of whom are able to calm me down in just minutes, and fix whatever I need updated for the one millionth time. It means a lot to me and the Regency IR team.
    Diane Ortolano, Investor Relations, Regency Centers Corporation

  • I really couldn't do my work without SNL Metals & Mining services. The services play an integral role in looking for global opportunities and performing mineral evaluation by providing the ability to scan external business-related market data. The power lies in the ample written descriptions - history, operational cost data, and production cost data.
    Heikki Puustjarvi, VP Business Intelligence, Outotec Pty. Ltd.

    Corporate Exploration Strategies is the primary source for data on exploration expenditures. It's an absolute must-have for all analysts serious about forecasting industry trends and identifying the next hot commodity and country plays.
    Richard Schodde, Director MinEx Consulting and former Minerals Economist, BHP Billiton Petroleum (Deepwater) Inc.

    I find SNL Metals & Mining services extremely useful - and I should say indispensable. SNL allows me to see which mines are expanding or developing new operations - opportunities for Outotec's concentrate filtration process. The service is intuitive to use and I can get the information I need quickly and easily. I like the depth of information and the historical record of the mine development. I also appreciate the ability to download data to a spreadsheet for analysis or to produce detailed PDF reports for individual mines or groups of mines.
    Ian Townsend, Business Manager - Concentrate Filtration, Outotec Pty. Ltd.

    SNL Metals & Mining's Reserves Replacement Strategies helps us a great deal in understanding industry trends, and in particular how our company benchmarks against our peers. Hard data such as ounces discovered, dollars invested, success rates, and $/oz are all very valuable. The study is a useful reference point, with all the data in one place; being able to slice and dice the information online and download the various charts and data is most helpful.
    Colin Moorhead, Executive General Manager Minerals, Newcrest Mining Limited

    SNL Metals & Mining has the largest and longest-standing databases containing an unprecedented history of activity.
    Stuart Mills, former Exploration Manager, New Projects, Lundin Mining Corporation