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Real Estate Product Overview

Real EstateSNL Real Estate is the best single source for real estate market intelligence across the world. Even in complex global markets, SNL overcomes challenges such as country-to-country reporting differences to provide our hallmark levels of accuracy, completeness and sector-specific standardization. And SNL's coverage is truly global: we provide market intelligence on more than 1,000 current companies in 46 countries, numbers that continue to grow.

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The real estate industry has unique financials that don't lend themselves to the usual standard formats. We track EPS, FFO, AFFO, NAV, revaluation gains, same-store figures, operating partnership units, joint venture debt, builder deliveries and other data specific to this sector. You need financial, operational and asset-level detail. We provide the data and tools you need to analyze that data. Every company's property portfolio is tracked at the asset level allowing you to view properties by geography, property type, size, tenants and other metrics uniquely relevant to the real estate industry.

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When it comes to financial modeling, one size does not fit all. With SNL Real Estate, you don't have to forfeit or modify the Excel-based models that have been working for you. With SNLxl, our powerful Excel add-in tool, you can tie your Excel models into SNL's database to facilitate automatic round-the-clock updates to the data you need. Create customized models for faster, more in-depth analysis and update them automatically with the latest information from SNL. Don't have time to create a template? Call upon our template team who are experts in creating models and templates to your specific needs. This service is included in your subscription free of charge.

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Real-Time News Coverage

Know what's happening now via breaking news and commentary updated in real-time, 24/7. SNL gives you the most extensive collection of original reporting and analysis available anywhere in the sector.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Each day, SNL's team of real estate reporters and editors scours news release wires and more than 3,000 additional online sources to ensure timely and complete coverage of every relevant story in the sector.
  • Exclusive Content: SNL is the only news provider in the real estate sector that combines comprehensive coverage of company press releases and other public disclosures with data-driven analysis, interviews with industry leaders, informed commentary and other enterprise journalism.
  • Insightful Research: SNL's reporters leverage SNL's unmatched data to provide insight into the trends driving the sector.
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