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Wireless and WirelineIncreased competition in the wireless space and a constant need for more spectrum. New mobile apps. Convergence. Disaggregation. How does all this change impact valuation and performance? How is the mobile media market unfolding? What’s the status of the standards wars? What are the implications of blockbuster wireless content deals? SNL Kagan helps you make sense of this ever-changing market with analytical insights and accurate data.

Carriers. Licenses. Markets. Subscribers. Content.
SNL Kagan is the authoritative source for everything you need to know about the wireless and wireline markets, both quantitative and qualitative. We integrate news, expert analysis, cross-linked data and insightful forecasts into an online platform that’s easy to access anywhere, anytime.

Proprietary information that’s accurate, timely, complete and relevant.
The SNL Kagan wireless database was developed from an insider’s understanding of the sector’s information needs and success metrics. Instead of manually extracting data from complex regulator Web sites, SNL Kagan clients can simply point and click to analyze license ownership, spectrum depth, demographics and performance metrics. We have transformed regulatory financial and operational filings, including ARMIS, into intuitive tools. Our comprehensive license database is the only one of its kind, allowing instant drill-downs from layer to layer. We make it simple to compile in-depth profiles for every type of carrier, from pure-play to triple- and quadruple-play. We track and report relevant operating metrics, making quarterly monitoring a simple task.

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Wireless Investor

SNL Kagan’s Wireless Investor features up-to-the-minute coverage of the wireless sector, including emerging trends in mobile content, the market-effect of wireless carriers’ financial performance and strategies, and wireless broadband and data services. Wireless Investor not only provides market insight from our tenured wireless industry analysts, but it also offers detailed reports that include:

  • 10-year wireless subscriber projections with breakouts of data subscribers, voice and data ARPU, etc.
  • Profiles of mobile music, video and gaming providers
  • Quarterly financial and operating metrics for all the top U.S. wireless carriers
  • M&A coverage for U.S. carriers and tower companies
  • Potential effects of regulatory changes and spectrum auctions
  • Smartphone projections and analysis
Operating and Financial Metrics

SNL Kagan has built detailed templates for wireless and wireline carriers that include key metrics like:

  • Licensed and covered POPs
  • Voice and data revenue
  • ARPU
  • Access line counts
  • Standardized to allow for true apples-to-apples company comparisons
ARMIS Regulatory Data

ARMIS filings are the only source for detailed information like access line counts by state, and SNL Kagan ensures that you can access this information in a format that is immediately actionable and analyzable. Our online report and pre-built Excel-based templates allow you to view:

  • The most recent access line counts by state by company
  • Annual trends in access line growth and decline
  • Cross-carrier financial performance exclusively focused on each company’s wireline business
Wireless Licenses and Mapping

SNL Kagan’s wireless coverage includes the most accurate and comprehensive wireless license database in the industry, updated daily. Our current coverage of all Cellular, PCS, AWS and 700 MHz licenses can be easily queried and viewed online or through our Excel Add-In, allowing you to:

  • Compare spectrum depth by market for any licensee or carrier
  • Identify potential competitive threats stemming from new license ownership in key geographies
  • Assess how the wireless industry may shift given new license ownership by non-traditional players
  • Map pending M&A transactions to determine if pro forma license portfolios may meet with FCC resistance and calls for divestiture