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U.S. Multichannel Research

U.S MultichannelHow is the subscriber share battle between cable MSO, telco and DBS unfolding, nationally and market by market? In which markets is Telco TV growing fastest? What are the most important strategic initiatives being pursued by multichannel operators, how much will they cost and what cable revenue streams will they produce? What are the penetration rates and sub counts for advanced services like VOD and DVRs? What is the outlook for industry revenue and subscriber growth? How are retransmission battles affecting MSOs’ programming costs and margins? What are subscribers worth and what deals have been done?

65+ Cable MSOs. Satellite. Telco TV.
There’s only one place to find out everything you need to know about the volatile multichannel sector: SNL Kagan. We integrate breaking news, expert analysis and comprehensive data into an online platform that’s easy to access anywhere, anytime. Connect to the intelligence you need to analyze the multichannel sector, from operating metrics and subscriber counts by market to industry projections and subscriber counts for all services.

Proprietary data, compiled from the bottom up.
When so many MSOs are either private or heading that direction, it’s nearly impossible to get access to the information you need. That’s what makes SNL Kagan’s proprietary U.S. multichannel research unique and essential. We provide detailed operational information and exclusive insight that isn’t available from any other source. All generated by the same industry experts the operators themselves trust for custom valuations, business plans and strategic consulting.

Developed over the course of nearly 40 years, SNL Kagan’s unique process for compiling data includes MSO surveys, interviews with top management and involvement at key industry events. SNL Kagan combines intelligence from each individual MSO and builds aggregated data from the bottom up. See current data and projections by company or industry wide, and review more than 25 years of historical data.

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Multichannel Operating Metrics

We track key industry operating metrics, financial highlights and ownership for 65+ private and public MSOs, DBS operators and Telco TV operators. Our comprehensive data includes:

  • Subscriber counts and penetration by operator and TV market
  • Industry benchmarks and projections for subscribers (basic, digital, HSD, phone), homes passed, penetration rates and advanced services (VOD, DVR, HD)
  • Key ratios of digital, voice or HSD subs as a percentage of basic subs and homes passed
New Technology and Trends

We keep you up-to-date on the technologies and trends affecting the multichannel industry:

  • Over-the-top video (OTT)
  • Retransmission battles
  • New revenue streams and technological initiatives
  • Capital expenditures and system capacity
Exclusive Research

SNL Kagan publishes the research you need to stay ahead of the industry. With our reports, you’ll have access to features like:

  • Geographic MSO ownership and analysis
  • 10-year forecasts for all cable revenue streams, including VOD, HD and DVR
  • Telco and DBS competition analysis
  • Monthly tracking of M&A activity and public and private trading benchmarks
  • M&A deal data, including VPS and cash flow multiples
Expert News & Analysis

SNL Kagan’s publications and research features help you stay on top of the multichannel market. Combine them all, and you’ll have access to complete coverage that includes:

  • Breaking news and analysis
  • Revenue projections
  • Emerging trends in technology
  • Market-level subscriber data