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SNL Kagan MediaCensus

SNL Kagan MediaCensusSNL Kagan MediaCensus provides an unrivaled resource for comprehensive information on TV networks and operators. This powerful querying tool drills down into quarterly subscriber, channel lineup and provider/operator footprint data on a variety of levels: operator (including cable, telco TV and DBS operators), state, market (DMA®), county, headend, ZIP code package and network/feed.

Essential intelligence for a variety of industry players:

Multichannel Operators

  • Track competitor footprint and subscriber growth and expansion
  • Ensure channel lineups and package offerings are competitive

TV Networks

  • Validate and reconcile internal remittances pre-audit
  • Monitor competitors to acquire new carriage and enhance existing carriage
  • Effectively negotiate optimal channel position
  • Get greater insight into your neighborhood to intelligently manage your marketing campaigns

Multichannel Equipment and Technology Vendors

  • Monitor operators' growth patterns
  • Identify potential technology demand


  • Track broadcast signal distribution outside of your DMA®
  • Understand demographic composition in the ZIP codes you serve
  • Measure potential viewership vs. other available networks by geography and operator

Investment Banks, Investment Managers and other Financial Firms

  • Evaluate potential multichannel M&A targets who serve key geographies
  • Develop pro forma analyses of mergers with granular subscriber data
  • Identify under-served geographies for underwriting efforts and capital investment


  • Validate and reconcile royalty payments

Ad Buyers and Sellers

  • Identify potential audience reach
  • Calculate ad impressions
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Multichannel Subscribers by Market

Drill down to view quarterly subscriber data at a variety of geographic levels: state, market (DMA®), county, headend or ZIP code.

Multichannel Subscribers by Operator

Instantly view quarterly subscriber data by operator (including cable, telco TV and DBS operators).

Network Penetration

Determine the portion of possible subscribers reached by a network for a given carrier by market.

Operator Footprint Mapping

Create maps of cable operator footprints by TV market, built from the bottom up using our ZIP code-level subscriber data.


Analyze which networks are included in which operator packages, with network subscriber counts per package for all packages including digital tiers, Hispanic, sports and HD.