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SNL Kagan Consulting

SNL Kagan data is insightful and interactive. So are our analysts.

Kagan Media Consulting Our team of experts have been monitoring every major media industry sector for over 40 years, including cable, broadcast, global multichannel, multimedia technologies, OTT, Pay-TV, satellite, entertainment, sports, digital, wireless, Internet, broadband communications and their convergence. We’ve built a consistent track record of anticipating and interpreting market shifts, disruptive technology trends, and market-tested best practices to support our clients’ critical business decisions.

To every consulting and media company valuation assignment, we bring a critical perspective born of our exclusive research, proprietary database and unparalleled market analysis of media technologies, operations, deals, financing, legal and regulatory issues and corporate strategies -- for a worldwide range of clients.

Our custom studies, white papers, briefings, business plans, research reports and appraisals are admired industry-wide for their actionable advisories, expert opinions, best practices, regulatory assessments and incomparable market data.

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For more information, please contact or call +1 866 296 3743 (US), +44 20 7398 0873 (Europe) or +852 5808 1882 (Asia-Pacific).