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Multimedia Technology & Consumer Trends

Multimedia Technology New interfaces. New standards. New devices. New platforms. As technological change accelerates, better market intelligence becomes critical. Regardless of the Media & Communications sector in which you operate, deep technological insight has become a must. To outperform growth targets, identify and mitigate risk, introduce new products or assess new market opportunities, you need to understand how technological innovations will impact your goals—now and in the future.

Stay connected to the technology trends that impact your global business.
SNL Kagan’s Multimedia Research Group (MRG) gathers exclusive information directly from vendors, service providers and consumers to deliver this decision-critical insight. We give you global vendor rankings and adoption figures you won’t find anywhere else. And our experts are available for consultation to provide additional clarity on our analytical studies and data.

What operators, vendors and content producers need to know to pursue opportunities.
The industry is evolving and changing too fast for you to make decisions based on partial data. Whether your business is technology, content, service or a convergence of all three, you need better, more complete knowledge.

SNL Kagan MRG provides unparalleled coverage of the technologies powering video ecosystems worldwide. It’s a single source for timely and accurate financial and operational data, news and in-depth analytics. Our bundled solution includes global market analytics, industry intelligence and unbiased guidance from seasoned analysts.

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Pay-TV Ecosystem

Pay-TV Ecosystem Get in-depth analysis of worldwide pay TV technology trends and players, with exclusive company-level data including market share, vendor rankings, unit sales and 5-year regional forecasts.

Tackling complex evolutions in pay TV ecosystems, SNL Kagan MRG quantifies the impact of Ultra HD, the transition from cable QAM to IP, advanced set-top boxes, cloud services, home control systems and more.

Research topics include:

  • Ultra HD Video (4K)
  • Video Gateways
  • IPTV Market Leaders
  • The Global Set-top Box Market
  • Multi-platform Middleware
  • Multiscreen Video Security
  • Cable Transition to IP – CCAP
  • Network DVR
  • Multiscreen Quality Assurance
U.S. Multiscreen

U.S. Multiscreen As multiscreen ecosystems take shape, rapid change is the norm. Leveraging proprietary research, SNL Kagan MRG analyzes multiscreen consumer behavior in the U.S. and beyond, focusing on the interplay between consumers, tech providers, OTT players and pay TV incumbents.

Our exclusive consumer surveys quantify consumer behavior trends driving the integration of pay TV infrastructure with connected devices, mobile video services and new forms of content. Evaluate how different demographics are adopting emerging content discovery, acquisition and consumption technologies across the connected device landscape with unique 5-year forecasts of key multiscreen metrics.

Research topics include:

  • Online Video Content Discovery
  • Connected TV, Tablet and Smartphone adoption
  • Hybrid Pay-TV/Online Video Services
  • Second Screen Apps
  • Authenticated TV Everywhere performance
  • Multiscreen TV Experience
Multimedia Technology

Multimedia Technology To accurately assess dynamic media ecosystems you must first understand the enabling technologies. SNL Kagan MRG’s research and 5-year forecasts keep you informed about technological shifts fueling the evolution of connected devices, video distribution infrastructure and multiplatform services.

MRG’s validated forecasts of specific multimedia technologies quantify attach rates, shipments and revenue outlook by vendor by region, worldwide. Gain complete understanding of the economics behind encoding and transcoding including multifaceted analysis of HEVC. Also included are exclusive assessments of emerging connected car systems, gesture and voice control interfaces and next generation wireless technologies, providing the information needed to map out market entries, revenue risk assessments, competitive benchmarking and global growth strategies.

Research topics include:

  • HEVC (H.265)
  • Transcoders
  • Encoders
  • Gesture and Voice Control
  • Remote Control Interfaces
  • Wi-Fi Technology by Device
  • USB by Device
  • 60 GHz Wireless Technologies
  • ZigBee
  • The Connected Car
  • TV Tuners
OTT & Home Connectivity

OTT and Home Connectivity Take the chaos out of OTT and home connectivity research with SNL Kagan MRG’s laser-focused analysis of over- the-top and connected home economics from content creation to end-user adoption. Our vendor-level studies rank players across the new media value chain including CDNs, Cloud TV services, streaming media players, OTT SVOD providers and home control devices and services. Ground your company’s technology investments, business model experiments and M&A activity in actionable data discerning fact from fiction in this dynamic and often confusing space.

Research topics include:

  • OTT SVOD subscribers by player
  • Residential Gateways
  • Home Control Devices
  • Home Control Services
  • Streaming Media Players
  • Connectable CE Devices
  • OTT Market Leaders
  • Cloud TV
  • CDNs
  • OTT Opportunity by Country