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Internet Media Companies

Internet Media

Focused Coverage of the Rapidly Growing Internet Media Sector

SNL Kagan covers the quickly evolving business of Internet media. We monitor the hottest industry issues and fast-growing technologies so you can stay ahead of the competition. Investors, media companies, venture capital firms and industry analysts can all turn to SNL Kagan as their source for in-depth, insightful coverage of the digital world.

Internet Advertising

How long will the recession's effects have a grip on online advertising? How will the increasing online convergence of media segments impact online advertising spending? What does the future hold for traditional and new media classified-ad outlets? SNL Kagan analyzes these questions to give you a more informed view of potential industry movements and revenue forecasts.

Over-the-top and Online Video

The shifting landscape for video services has yielded several indicators about the near- and long-term viability of OTT video as a potential substitute for traditional multichannel subscriptions. Rely on SNL Kagan to track and analyze these developments. We provide in-depth coverage on OTT drivers, enabling devices, high-speed data bandwidth scenarios, and cord-cutting projections, allowing you to evaluate OTT's potential impact on multichannel providers.

The multichannel industry is challenged with trying to maintain its current subscription model while meeting increasing customer demand for viewing content online. SNL Kagan brings you the latest breaking news on this trend, which includes implementation of initiatives like TV Everywhere, while monitoring the evolution of an online distribution business model and its effects on programmers, distributors and content owners.

Key Industry Topics and Trends

In addition to internet advertising, OTT and online video, SNL Kagan brings you expert news and analysis on the latest industry topics, including:

  • Social media
  • E-commerce
  • Regulatory developments
  • High-speed data household estimates and projections
  • Global broadband deployment

Company Coverage

SNL Kagan digs deep into market-level trends and provides the details on the individual Internet media companies that are changing the industry. Get an inside look at key industry players, including Apple, Microsoft, Hulu, Vudu and Netflix, as well as a host of other new media players.

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