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Global Multichannel

Global MultichannelCable, DTH, DTT, IPTV, HDTV, Broadband: What’s the current and forecasted penetration for each platform, in each country? What’s the relationship between penetration and affordability? Where are the best opportunities for growth? What are the digital penetration forecasts by country? What kind of impact is telecom insurgence having in pay-TV markets worldwide?

SNL Kagan's unique global information-gathering network and our standardized structure for analysis of each country let you make accurate apples-to-apples comparisons from country to country easily, for the first time.

7 global regions. 80 countries. 250+ operators.
In the global multichannel marketplace, SNL Kagan covers more countries in more detail than any other source. We interpret the constantly changing market conditions in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America. News, expert analysis, cross-linked data and insightful forecasts are integrated into an online platform that’s easy to access anywhere, anytime.

Proprietary information that’s accurate, timely, complete and relevant.
International multichannel operating and financial data is not always easy to find. Regulatory and reporting practices differ from country to country. SNL Kagan’s Global Multichannel team has a unique methodology for obtaining reliable information. We tap into a variety of sources, from government contacts to direct relationships with local operators.

Combining a global perspective and intimate familiarity with each country, we give you sophisticated forecasting tools, metrics and analysis. Not only can you monitor the latest developments in your regions of interest you’ll understand what they mean to you.

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Country-by-Country Comparisons

SNL Kagan has structured our analysis of over 80 countries using the same formats, data tables and metrics. Our standardized 10-year projections allow you to perform apples-to-apples comparisons across countries and regions with only a few clicks. Our qualitative and quantitative approach will allow you to analyze:

  • How we expect video and broadband penetration to grow or decline
  • How video and broadband markets have performed historically and what this means for their future
  • Where the best bets for market entry and revenue growth will be given multichannel affordability and projected revenue streams
HDTV, IPTV and Broadband

In addition to video coverage and projections, SNL Kagan covers key emerging and advanced services like IPTV, HDTV and broadband. Our 10-year operational and financial projections across these services, coupled with our detailed qualitative analyses, will ensure that you have the most accurate picture of where key revenue opportunities lie. Coverage of these services includes:

  • Country-specific discussions, metrics and projections
  • Cross-country analytical special reports
  • Expansive operator profiles
  • Web-based reporting tools that allow for customizable cross-market analyses
Operator Profiles

SNL Kagan publishes comprehensive reports on key operators across all our covered geographies. Company profiles are uniquely focused on each operator’s positioning and performance with insights that include:

  • Financial and operational figures
  • Channel line-ups
  • Pricing & packaging
  • Qualitative analysis of historical, current and potential future market position
Excel Templates

SNL Kagan's global multichannel offering goes beyond Web-based reports and tables to include Excel-based templates and tools that allow users to query our database and customize spreadsheets with a few mouse clicks.

  • Query all 80 markets, or a selection, to determine which markets are growing IPTV penetration the fastest or where multichannel services are most affordable
  • Pre-built templates allow you to quickly create spreadsheets that present country-level 10-year projections
  • Rank and compare markets by any of our covered metrics