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Broadcast Industry Analysis

BroadcastHow have broadcast revenues been trending and what’s the projection for the future? How are initiatives like online, multicasting, mobile and HD impacting TV and radio station revenue streams? How high can retransmission revenues climb? What’s ahead for deal flow? How about station valuations and operational forecasts? What are the projections for TV and radio station revenues market by market, who owns stations in which markets, and what new media initiatives are they pursuing? Where is satellite radio heading? SNL Kagan tracks key issues as they evolve, with databased metrics and in-depth reports. From station valuations to station ownership and revenue data to new technology impact, tune in to the intelligence you need for broadcast industry analysis.

Radio stations. TV stations. Valuations. Deals. Trends.
SNL Kagan is the authoritative source for everything you need to know about the trends in broadcast values, economics and new technologies. We integrate breaking news, expert analysis, comprehensive data and insightful forecasts into an online platform that’s easy to access anywhere, anytime.

Proprietary information, compiled from the inside.
The same experts responsible for SNL Kagan data and analysis are also trusted by broadcast industry dealmakers for custom valuations, deal appraisals and business plans. In fact, many industry deals over the past few decades have been based on SNL Kagan’s individual station valuations. And nearly every station involved in those deals is now part of our database, which you can query 24/7.

SNL Kagan’s insider knowledge and perspective is what makes our proprietary data so unique and so essential. We provide detailed operational information and exclusive insight that simply isn’t available from any other source.

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M&A Deal Data

SNL Kagan knows broadcast M&A, and puts the data and analysis you need to make informed decisions at your fingertips:

  • Track the latest deals in both TV and radio by price, cash flow multiple, station revenue, price per TV household or price per pop.
  • Sort information about broadcast transactions in interactive form.
  • Zero in on asset detail, valuations and cash flow benchmarks for each station sold.
  • Use our pre-built template library to track deals by selected criteria like “Top 15 Cash Flow Station Deals by Cash Flow Multiple” or “Price/Population”.
  • Build your own custom templates and refresh your models on the fly with a single mouse click.
Retransmission Revenues

Retransmission revenues have forever reshaped the broadcast model. Trust SNL Kagan to keep you informed about:

  • Fee negotiations with cable, DBS and telco TV providers
  • TV station revenue projections
  • Downstream implications
New Technology and Trends

SNL Kagan helps you stay ahead of the technology and trends affecting the broadcast industry:

  • Digital and online radio’s revenue outlook and the future of terrestrial radio
  • Mobile radio and TV advertising potential
  • Online/mobile radio streaming CPMs
Expert News and Analysis

Make SNL Kagan your single resource for information on the broadcast industry, both qualitative and quantitative. With our dedicated news team and industry experts, you get the analysis you need:

  • Understand key trends and the revenue impact of technologies like HD and online broadcasting.
  • Access the latest broadcaster statistical data and operational metrics.
  • Follow breaking news that includes links to related company profiles and articles.
Exclusive Research

Our reports give you the intelligence you need to stay current on the broadcast industry. With our reports, you’ll be able to:

  • View O&O station groups' geographic overlap with MSOs.
  • Review historical public trading values.
  • Analyze station-by-station ownership and operational data.
  • Track recent revenue trends and future projections.
  • Deep-dive into the M&A deal market.
  • View revenue projections.