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Water Industry Analysis

To help industry professionals stay on top of crucial developments as they unfold, and assess their financial and public policy implications, SNL Energy introduces the RRA Water Advisory Service, a series of comprehensive reports providing the insight you need to monitor the water sector.

The U.S. EPA has estimated that more than $335 billion may be needed to update, expand or replace current water delivery infrastructure in the next 20 years. Approximately 85% of the U.S. population is served by a highly-fragmented, municipally-owned water system. As operating requirements become more complex and capital spending rises, the inefficiencies created by this fragmentation have become more obvious, with regulatory agencies and industry leaders promoting the benefits of economies of scale, ongoing consolidation and use of “Public/Private Partnerships” to maintain the integrity of the water system.


  • Regulatory reviews of each state utility commission regulating the water industry, including an analysis of the relative regulatory risk in each jurisdiction
  • Rate case history from 2010– present for the nine major investor-owned utilities and large privately-owned water companies
  • State business profiles, outlining demographics, business climate, water supply and operating statistics of the largest water utility operators
  • Major rate case reports for covered entities as cases are decided
  • Topical special reports on industry/regulatory issues
  • Company reports on the nine major IOUs and large privately held entities
  • Monthly newsletters discussing relevant regulatory, industry, and financial events

For more information about the new RRA Water Advisory Service, or to start your subscription, contact: RRAWaterAdvisory@snl.com • +1 (201) 433-5507.

Water Industry Analysis