SNL Financial's banking intelligence has been the gold standard for 25 years. Now that our complete geographic coverage is
here at last, why take chances?


Bank data analysis
100% data accuracy guarantee Tired of banking data that
misses the mark?

Data quality and accuracy can be major issues with other financial information providers, but SNL ushers in a new standard of quality for worldwide bank analysis. We gather data from multiple sources, scrub it for accuracy, standardize it on our interactive platform, and publish it faster than any other provider. Plus, SNL is the only provider with a 100% accuracy guarantee. If you find an error, or if our data's out of date, we'll send you a U.S. $50 reward (or local equivalent). Our typical turnaround for earnings releases is just 8 hours!

Modeling default risk data? Is old technology slowing down
your analysis?

Are you modeling default risk data on an archaic interface? Are you entering and updating financial data manually? SNL's powerful web-based platform links global banking data, news and analytics for easy drill-down, access and analysis. Sort intricate tables and reports with ease. With SNL Financial's Excel® add-in, you can seamlessly integrate SNL data into your models and spreadsheets and refresh with a single click - get current and historical credit ratings, CDS pricing and more.

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Standardized banking data Is your data getting lost in translation?

Bank analysis across different countries isn't easy. You face numerous languages, currencies, incompatible standards and different sources. SNL Financial provides a single, standardized source for accurate data on 30,000 financial institutions and publishes translated versions of all company financials. No more manual work by risk analysts around currency, reporting frequencies, translation, corporate structures or incompatible standards. Making meaningful apples-to-apples peer comparisons is now simple.

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Global banking data you can trust Ever wonder where your data is
coming from?

With other financial data providers, if you have a question about a number and want to see the original reporting document, you're out of luck. SNL Financial is the only provider of global banking data with instant source-tagging. With one-click you can instantly view the original source document or verify the formula behind a ratio calculation, even if you're working within Excel.

Flexible banking coverage One-size-fits-all banking data vs SNL.

Are you forced to adapt to your bank data provider's way of doing things? Annoyed by extra charges for new users? SNL Financial gives you a new level of flexibility. One flat subscription fee covers unlimited usage for all users, who can easily create custom views on our powerful interactive platform. Flow our data into your own models and refresh with a click, or use SNL's early warnings dashboard to monitor your portfolio and get instant alerts to changes in the market so you can better manage your exposure to emerging risks.

24/7 client support Good help should not be hard to find.

When you have a problem or question about your banking analysis, is it more difficult than it should be to reach someone who can help or provide valuable feedback? SNL's client support team is available 24/7 to help you harness the full power of our single-source platform, from creating instant reports to building custom models. Our expert analysts are readily accessible to provide insights about our global banking data. Unlimited training is included at no extra charge – online or in-house.

breaking financial news No news is not good news.

The numbers tell only part of the story. SNL Financial's news organisation of more than 250 sector-specific reporters spans 5 continents. We keep you up-to-date on breaking industry news worldwide and provide exclusive, in-depth insights. Unique to SNL is the integration of global banking data, news and analytics. Click from a news story to a complete company profile and vice versa. Our industry focus means you only need one source to track all things relevant to your portfolio.

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Unlimited banking data Frustrated by usage restrictions?

Other providers place restrictions on who can use your banking data and from where. If you want to add users, groups or locations, you face restrictions and extra charges. When you subscribe to SNL, one flat fee covers unlimited access for all your users. No extra charges. Why tolerate limitations? With SNL, everyone in your company gets the information they need, wherever they are in the world.