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Filmed Entertainment and TV Programming

Filmed Entertainment and TV ProgrammingNew revenue streams. New content platforms. New windows. New business models. Digital is changing everything about the film and television business. Platforms are converging. What does it all mean in dollars and market share? Today and in 10 years?

Motion Pictures. TV Shows. Distribution. Exhibition. Revenue Streams.
Now, more than ever, if you’re a player in the entertainment industry, whether as investor, producer or distributor, you need SNL Kagan. We are your single source for comprehensive data, expert analysis and insightful forecasts on filmed entertainment and programming. All integrated into an online platform that’s easy to access anywhere, anytime. Entertainment industry trade publications don’t even come close to this level of actionable intelligence, depth and timeliness.

Proprietary information you won't find anywhere else.
SNL Kagan data is gathered, analyzed and published by the same people who invented the Kagan Profitability Index for motion pictures nearly two decades ago. Our veteran analysts are the same experts who consult regularly with the industry on ROI projections, film library valuation and funding. No other resource gives you such a complete picture.

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Industry Economics

Up-to-the-minute industry reports, news and analyses can be found online in the following publications:

  • Economics of TV & Film: feature articles available on our live site or through RSS feeds in which we continuously update our analysis, commentary and data on the filmed entertainment sector. This is also the home of our weekly box office stats, which include annual cumulative figures, market share by distributor and Kagan Profitability Index projections.
  • Economics of Motion Pictures: our annual summary of movie profitability by window, budget and genre, including projections for HD and other revenue streams. Provides 10-year revenue models for each genre and budget, incorporating all income from home video to TV to merchandise, both domestic and international.
  • The State of Home Video: annual study with analytical insights and metrics that outline sources of video revenue, projections (from High Definition household growth to rental turns) and market share, including focused analysis on HD and VOD
Exhibition Economics

Understand the impact of digital cinema and other emerging trends and revenue sources in the exhibition space through our:

  • 10-year Exhibition Market Projection tables
  • Revenue Sources, Screen and Location data
  • M&A Activity tracking
Internet Media

In our dedicated online features and monthly newsletter, The Economics of Internet Media, you’ll be able to track new and developing business models in the New Media sector. Our coverage includes:

  • Online advertising revenue by top companies
  • 10-year HSD adoption, video and advertising forecasts
  • Online over-the-top (OTT) video projections and its effect on traditional programming
  • Analysis of M&A deals and valuations
  • Industry- and company-specific earnings stories and spending projections
Film-By-Film Analysis

For more than two decades, SNL Kagan has been tracking the motion picture industry and building its robust film database to bring our clients the key metrics they rely on the most. We provide you with breakouts of:

  • Profitability projections for U.S. theatrical releases by distributor
  • DVD revenues and costs
  • Projections for video sell-through
  • 10-year prognosis for revenues from U.S.-produced TV programming
Syndication Data

SNL Kagan’s syndication data allows you to stay on top of new developments in the industry that can affect your bottom line. You’ll be able to track:

  • Revenue Sources
  • Growth Rates
  • Pilot Pick-Ups
  • Budgets
  • Off-Network-To-Cable Deals By License Fees