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Coal News and Market Data

CoalSNL Energy provides in-depth coverage of U.S. coal producers and mines. We combine information from multiple federal sources including EIA, FERC, MSHA, and SEC as well as proprietary SNL models, into a interactive decision support platform. Whether you're a supplier, buyer or analyst, you can tailor SNL Energy's information for your business objectives.

Integrated data, news and analytics.
Our Company Briefing Books combine financial and operational data, documents and news into a summary of key statistics and trends. The Coal Mine Briefing Book highlights coal production and mine operational details. Our Excel Add-in provides immediate access to robust data and templated reports, including an extensive library of customizable Excel templates for coal industry analysis and benchmarking.

Data accuracy guarantee.
As the leading provider of coal industry intelligence and data, SNL continually improves the process of gathering, vetting and scrubbing data. As a result, we are the only provider that guarantees data accuracy.

SNL's coal sector coverage includes the following:

Coal Producers Operational Statistics (1500 +)
Holding Company Financials
Market Prices (SNL Indexes, CME, Emission Prices)
MSHA Mine Statistics (3,500+ mines)
  • Quarterly Production
  • Employee Numbers and Hours
  • Accident and Injury
EIA Monthly Fuel Purchase Transactions (between Mines and Power Plants)
SNL Modeled Mine-to-Plant Transportation Costs
Coal news and data on the latest topics
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Coal Mine Briefing Book

Get a complete picture of a mine's operational data, documents and related news. The mine profile presents location details along with ownership and operator information.

  • Evaluate quarterly production details to identify industry trends.
  • Highlights of MSHA data including number of accidents and hours worked by employees for safety and efficiency analysis.
Company Briefing Book

SNL puts together a comprehensive view of a company's financial and operational data, critical documents and timely news. Information and data from various sources are combined into one location for powerful analysis of an organization.

  • Quickly understand a company's corporate structure.
  • Evaluate a company's financial and market position over multiple years or quarters.
  • Detailed capital structure reports provide a complete view of a company's long term obligations, capital costs and credit ratings.
  • Asset lists inventory all owned mines and production details.
  • One-stop location for source documents and investor presentations.

SNL Energy's mapping application combines powerful visualization tools with multiple layers of essential energy infrastructure assets, integrated with our online platform.

  • Create company footprint maps for pitch book or reports.
  • Geographically illustrate the results of M&A activities.
  • Locate existing and proposed energy infrastructure.
Excel Templates

Our customizable Excel templates provide a wide range of tools for analysis, from a simple summary of coal mines owned to a more complex collection of peer analysis tools. Users can also pull data directly from SNL databases into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using SNL functions to examine to years of historical data and to create tailored reports.

  • Coal Company Production, Sales and Reserves: Compare production, sales, and reserve details between publicly traded coal companies.
  • Coal Plant Monthly Operations: Provides monthly operation, monthly emissions and fuel procurement data for all coal plants in the U.S.
  • Mine Production Ratings: Details the top producing individual mines in each mine producing region.
Fuel Contract Details and Transportation Costs

Easily view a power plant's monthly fuel transactions with all associated details including estimated coal transportation costs.

  • Quickly assess fuel purchases comparing contract versus spot prices and quantities.
  • Evaluate monthly fuel procurement coal quality to identify market opportunities.
  • SNL's propriety transportation costs permit analysis and benchmarking of coal mine to plant deliveries.
Commodities Market Prices

SNL Energy's provides proprietary daily assessments; ISO day-ahead, hour-ahead, and hourly real-time prices; and CME forwards, futures, and swaps. This data are available through the web interface and the Excel Add-In.

  • Integrate SNL Energy's commodities data into your own Excel models with auto-refresh capabilities to stay current.
  • Create customizable watch lists for efficient tracking and analysis of multiple markets.
  • Instantly view pricing data for coal, natural gas, electricity, heating oil, crude oil, and emissions.
Coal News

SNL Energy's industry-leading news coverage is tightly integrated with the company, power plant, and coal mine Briefing Books. From the stories, users can link directly into a briefing book or related news stories. Market-moving news is delivered online, dynamically filtered to your specific interests.

  • SNL Coal Report provides a weekly summary that focuses on the news that matters most to the coal industry.
  • SNL Daily Coal is a daily source for the most up-to-the-minute coal market intelligence.