senior vice president and chief financial officer (2004-present)

Senior VP and CFO, TXU Gas (2004)
Senior VP, Corporate Controller and Principal
Accounting Officer, TXU Corp. (2003-2004)
VP, Investor Relations and Shareholder
Services, TXU Corp. (1997-2003)

Lea Anne Doolittle, 54

senior vice president (2008-present)

Vice President, Human Resources (2000-2007)
Director of Compensation, PacifiCorp (1993-2000)

Greg S. Kantor, 51

president and chief executive officer (2008-present)

President and Chief Operating Officer (2007-2008)
Executive Vice President (2006-2007)
Senior Vice President, Public and Regulatory Affairs (2003-2006)
Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications (1998-2002)

mardilyn saat hoff, 52

chief governance officer and corporate secretary

Chief Compliance Officer and Assistant General Counsel, Tektronix, Inc. (2005-2008)
General Counsel to Oregon Governor Kulongoski and Business and Economic Development Advisor (2003-2005)

Dav id R. Williams, 56

vice president utility services (2007-present)

Director, Utility Operations and Labor Relations (2005-2006)
General Manager, Utility Operations (1999-2004)

Mark S. Dodson, 64

retired chief executive officer (2003-2008)*

Chief Executive Officer (2007-2008) President and Chief Executive Officer (2003-2007) President and Chief Operating Officer (2001-2002) General Counsel (1997-2002) Senior Vice President, Public Affairs (1997-2001)

Stephen P. Feltz, 53

treasurer and controller (1999-present)

Assistant Treasurer and Manager, General Accounting (1996-1999)

Margaret D. Kirkpatrick, 54

vice president and general counsel (2005-present)

Partner, Stoel Rives LLP (1990-2005)


vice president
business development and energy supply and chief strategic officer (2007-present)

Managing Director, Gas Operations and Wholesale Services and Chief Strategic Officer (2005-2006) Managing Director, Chief Strategic Officer (2003-2005)


vice president utility operations (2007-present)

Managing Director, Utility Services (2005-2006) General Manager, Consumer Services (2003-2004)

[Date joined NW Natural]
*Mr. Dodson retired December 31, 2008.

Corporate Officers
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