SNL is your single source for data, news and analytics on over 1,000 current companies in 46 different countries around the world and more than 100,000 properties.

Global Real Estate Intelligence

From the North American REIT (public and private), REOC, homebuilding and gaming sectors, to the listed property markets in Europe, Asia and the emerging markets, SNL is the trusted solution for global real estate investment.

Development Pipeline


"We need to know the development exposure of target companies before investment windows of opportunity close. But project development information often takes time to piece together, from a variety of sources — and it isn’t always reliable."

SNL Real Estate provides property data on construction projects, throughout their stages of development. Our development pipeline report gives you a single resource for the latest information on pre-construction, under construction, postponed or deferred projects, with a 100% accuracy guarantee.

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Property Portfolio


"We’ve found that earnings don’t always tell the whole story about our target companies. Is the company focusing on acquisitions and neglecting existing properties? Are they trying to grow the top line or reducing costs? We need this insight to avoid bad investments in portfolios that may be weaker than they seem."

SNL’s Same Store Operations (and Hotel REVPAR) data lets you quickly see how stable a company’s stabilized portfolio really is. View performance for properties held at least 15 months, excluding those properties purchased and sold.

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Capital Offering


"To anticipate growth opportunities, we need to learn how companies are raising capital. Are they issuing debt or equity? Are they raising capital often, or not at all? What are the details on their term loans? To find answers, we need to dig through documents, scrape IR websites or rely on incomplete data from various providers."

SNL’s Capital Offerings Report gives you a complete picture of how a company is accessing the capital markets. Use our extensive Capital Structure Database to examine lenders, rate information and amounts outstanding on term loans.

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Historical Pricing


"When deciding to invest, we look at where the company is valued, and how that compares to the value of its assets. But a single point in time doesn’t provide enough historical context. We can pull data from years of filings, but that could take forever and end up as a missed opportunity."

SNL gives you access to customized stock charts with both current and historical data. See a company’s trend of trading at a premium or discount to Net Asset Value (NAV) and compare to current price.

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Gaming Industry


"For successful investment in gaming properties, we need to know where assets are located, how many tables and slots there are in each region and how they compare to other operators. We otherwise risk overexposure to companies in saturated or struggling markets."

SNL provides gaming industry intelligence you won’t find anywhere else, on a single platform. Analyze operating detail on individual casinos and properties, down to the number of tables or slot machines. Use our Excel® Add-in to create your own models and comparisons which refresh instantly as our database updates.

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"The housing industry is a leading indicator for the economy at large. So it’s important to monitor sector activity for investment trends. But data on private homebuilders isn’t easily available, and we can’t attend every industry conference to acquire investor presentations."

SNL lets you evaluate homebuilder operations, ownership and performance with comprehensive scope. Our powerful interactive platform makes it easy. Access current homebuilder ownership and performance metrics, either in aggregate by geography or by individual homebuilder.

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Issues in


"For productive conversations with clients and prospects, we need to stay on top of the most current news. We need to go behind the headlines and learn the impact of market movements, so we don’t seem out of touch and lose business as a result. But searching multiple news sources on the web is a relatively manual task."

SNL lets you know what’s happening now in the real estate business via breaking news updated online, in real time, 24/7. We’re the only sector news provider combining comprehensive coverage of company press releases and other public disclosures with exclusive data-driven analysis, interviews with industry leaders, expert commentary and other enterprise journalism.

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