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Easily search current, reliable operating and financial data on thousands of mining properties and companies. Gain insights into country- and commodity-level developments to see emerging trends and uncover hidden opportunities and risks. Select from a menu of criteria such as reserves and resources, work history, mine capacity and costs and annual production.

"I really couldn't do my work without SNL Metals & Mining services. The services play an integral role in looking for global opportunities and performing mineral evaluation by providing the ability to scan external business-related market data. The power lies in the ample written descriptions - history, operational cost data, and production cost data."

-Heikki Puustjarvi, VP of Market Intelligence, Outotec Pty Ltd.

Stay on top of global mining developments with exclusive real-time news and expert research

Our global news team scours hundreds of publications and documents in multiple languages around the clock to deliver the most current mining industry news from every corner of the world. SNL’s expert research team draws on over 30 years of historical data, providing value-add reports and analysis on the current state of the industry and forecasts future conditions to inform your strategic decisions.

"SNL Metals & Mining's expert research helps us a great deal in understanding industry trends, and in particular how our company benchmarks against our peers. Being able to slice and dice the information online and download the various charts and data is most helpful."

-Colin Moorhead, Executive General Manager, Minerals at Newcrest Mining

Visualize your strategies with interactive mapping of properties and claims data

SNL’s interactive mapping tool gives you layered maps of claims and property data. Apply your choice of filters. Drill down to hot spots for future exploration. Look at competitor activity. Add spatial context with infrastructure, country risk, geology and other global layers. Locate holdings that meet your criteria or hurdle rates and monitor jurisdictions for upcoming and potential opportunities.

"Mitchell Services uses SNL for business development purposes. We have had great success being able to target the regions and geographies that we service. The mapping tool has been especially invaluable for knowing which leads to engage and when."

-Todd Wild, General Manager, Business Development, Mitchell Services


SNL Mine Economics data covers the majority of global production for each metal with historical data from 1991 and forecasts and estimates for the next 25 years. View detailed mine cash flow models and comprehensive global cost curves through an interactive charting interface, complete with a transparent view of the underlying analyst assumptions, sources and methodology.

"Getting cost curve data for operating mines has always been a challenge. Before SNL, the only options were to maintain our own database or pay a subscription fee for individual commodities which was not cost effective. We use SNL Mine Economics for comparative purposes, as a “smell test” to evaluate the viability of a mine and back up our recommendations to clients. The source data SNL provides saves us time searching company websites and search engines."

-Grant Malensek, Principal Consultant - Mineral Project Evaluation at SRK Consulting

Streamline your workflow and
decision-making with our Excel Add-in

No more digging through piles of data. No more waiting for actionable comp tables or target lists. Easily build models using SNL's pre-built templates or customize your own. Query company, asset, capital and M&A, geographic and market data. With a single click, refresh a saved report with current data.

"We at Investec find the SNL mining product very useful, and in some cases indispensable, across a number of industry metrics. We use the database and Excel Add-In for extracting financial data that is simply not available on any other platform. This data enables us to analyse what is happening in the sector and compare this with past trends. SNL is an excellent product that is adding to functionality all the time."

-Jeremy Wrathall, Head of Global Natural Resources, Investec


Complementing the online interactive database, SNL offers expertise via the following services:

SNL Metals & Mining provides strategic consulting services to mineral explorers, mine developers, commodity producers, equipment suppliers, the service sector, financiers, trade associations and governments.

SNL Knowledge Center produces the most relevant, contentdriven training on the mining sector, delivered through inperson courses, live online seminars and available as an inhouse option, tailored to suit specific business needs.


"For years, we have witnessed U.S. mines struggle to move forward due to an inefficient permitting system plagued by duplication, uncertainty and delays. [The SNL Metals & Mining study commissioned by NMA] now confirms the connection between the delays and their effect on companies’ decisions to invest in domestic mining projects. Hopefully it will strengthen the resolve of Congress to fix a broken permit system that threatens to break down a minerals supply chain that is critical for U.S. manufacturing."

-Hal Quinn, President and CEO, National Mining Association (NMA)