SNL continues to raise the standard with enhanced coverage of Latin American financial institutions.

More ways to reachyour goals.

Whether you are an investor, a regulator, an adviser or an analyst, SNL’s enhanced Latin American banking coverage gives you more ways to achieve your objectives. See how you compare with peers on key metrics. Manage your credit risks. Identify merger targets. Screen for investment opportunities. Stay on top of industry news and trends. Whatever your goals, you'll achieve them faster with SNL. No more time-consuming manual data entry. No more searching multiple sources. SNL puts data and news on the entire region in one place.

First the U.S. Then Europe.
Next, Asia-Pacific. Now Latin America.

Founded in 1987, SNL first became the gold standard in banking industry intelligence in North America, but we now cover banks and banking systems in every corner of the world. Our expanding Latin American coverage will soon include 800+ banks.

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Nobody covers the Latin American banking news beat like SNL.

The numbers tell only part of the story. SNL's financial institutions news coverage combines all relevant stories from the local media with exclusive global reporting. Eliminate duplication and access complete industry news for the regions that matter to you – all in a single place. We help remove clutter for people who are inundated with news but still not getting the comprehensive picture. Unique to SNL is the integration of news, data and analytics. Click from an analytical report to a company profile to a news story and vice versa. SNL's news team includes more than 250 sector-specific reporters across 5 continents. We keep you up-to-date on breaking news throughout the local region and the world.

A broader picture of every country from bank
performance to regulatory profiles.

Our country profiles include EIU macro data, regulatory news and bank rankings, with in-depth regulatory profiles coming soon. Understand how a country's macroeconomic trends align with banking industry performance. See financial data on global and Latin American banks as well as profiles of the region’s most important insurance companies, asset managers, investment banks and other financial services companies.

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Stop trying to navigate through Latin American banking using old systems and data.

Tired of searching far and wide for information and setting your course with data you’re not sure you can trust? SNL is the only global banking information provider with a 100% accuracy guarantee and a US $50 (or equivalent) reward if you find an error in our data. We gather data on Latin American banks from multiple sources, scrub it for accuracy and standardize it on our interactive platform in consolidated, templated form for fast access.

Compare key performance ratios and analyze bank branch footprints both locally and globally.

Evaluate financial data on worldwide banks from Latin America to Europe, with standardized key performance metrics to facilitate easy peer comparisons. Use SNL’s powerful global bank branch database to create reports and professional-quality maps.

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From M&A to debt maturity
schedules, look behind
the numbers of the region's
banks, large and small.

Four of Brazil’s banks made the top 100 in SNL’s list of the 100 largest banks in the world. See the data behind the numbers of the big players as well as virtually every bank in Latin America, from key performance ratios to the original source documents. Our interactive menus give you instant access to financials, news, events, filings, M&A activity, and capital structure including debt maturity profiles, securities pipeline and credit ratings.

Keep up with the growth of Latin American
financial institutions.

If you’re looking to identify growth opportunities in the Latin American financial sector, SNL is your single online source. We provide the most comprehensive coverage of Latin American banks with 100% accuracy guaranteed. Our standardized templates make it easy to make apples-to-apples comparisons of institutions throughout Latin America and the world. No more manual calculations.

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