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At Mosaic, we provide value through innovation. From groundbreaking products and processes to sustainability advancements, we enhance business growth, customer loyalty and shareholder value through innovation.

Innovation at Mosaic begins with our growing portfolio of premium products. MicroEssentials®, Aspire, K-Mag® and Pegasus® deliver increased yields for farmers, differentiation for our customers and increased profitability for our business.

MicroEssentials is applied to one in 10 acres across North America — and in 2013, we distributed 1 million metric tonnes of MicroEssentials fertilizer in the region. Demand is growing at a brisk pace both domestically and internationally, especially in Brazil.

This spring Mosaic introduced Aspire, the first-of-its-kind, premium potash fertilizer, with Boron, an essential micronutrient. Aspire combines potassium and boron in each granule, which helps achieve balanced crop nutrition and meets the growing need for micronutrients in crops like corn, soybeans, alfalfa and cotton. 

Mosaic reuses or recycles approximately 90 percent of all water used in our Florida phosphates manufacturing facilities and more than 80 percent in our Canadian potash shaft mines.

When complete, Mosaic’s K3 mine at Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, is expected to produce 2.7 million tonnes of potash ore annually. This massive project relies on innovation both above and below the surface. A specialized ground freezing process is used to sink the shafts through a water bearing zone in Saskatchewan known as the Blairmore Formation. We expect to reach the Blairmore early in 2014, at a depth of approximately 1,260 feet. On the surface, the K3 North head frame stands as the tallest building in Saskatchewan at 374 feet. The size of the structure is required to house and operate one of the world’s largest production hoists.

TrilliumCNG developed a new compressed natural gas fueling station built in Tampa to support our contract fleet of trucks. The 50 new trucks operated by Dillon Transport and powered by CNG deliver raw materials, fertilizer and animal feed ingredients throughout Central Florida. The trucks reduce our environmental footprint while providing more cost efficient transportation. 

“Innovation continues to be a key differentiator for Mosaic. We continue to invest in innovation throughout the company because it provides value to customers, communities and our shareholders.”

Rick McLellan Senior vice president – commercial