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Depository Interest Rates

Rely on SNL's depository interest rate database for unlimited access to rate data on over 50 standard products including mortgages, consumer loans, deposits and credit cards for banks across the U.S., including almost 100,000 branch locations. Other providers can't compare to SNL for comprehensiveness, detail and accuracy.

The data and tools you need to improve your competitive intelligence and refine your pricing strategy.
Intuitive, one-click reports put valuable competitive intelligence at your fingertips so you can develop strategies to build deposits, increase loan market share and expand your margins.

SNL's standard depository interest rate coverage includes over 50 products in these categories:

Deposit Products
  • Savings and Checking Accounts
  • Money Market and IRA Accounts
  • CDs
Consumer Loans
  • New & Used Autos
  • RVs & Boats
  • Home Equity
  • Credit Cards
  • Adjustable Rate
  • Fixed
Jumbo CDs
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Ranking Report

A simple, easy-to-read report that ranks you and your competitors’ rates on savings, mortgage, jumbo and consumer products. View up to 18 products at once for instant comparisons of the entire market. Your institution is highlighted so you can quickly see how you stack up to the competition.

Rate Specials

Stay abreast of the special offers available from your competitors, with details on specials, relationship pricing, teaser rates and other promotional offers. As part of SNL’s standard rate coverage, SNL will collect rate specials on deposit, jumbo and consumer products from all depositories currently tracked.

The report details the institution name, the term, the minimum/maximum amount, APR, the date these rates were collected, advertised names, product notes, the geographies where these rates are being offered and more.

Detailed Rates Report

Quickly view variances in rates between your bank and your competition, alongside the deposit market share in your selected market(s). This report shows you your competitors' rates in detail, broken down by type of institution.

Intuitive color coding helps you quickly identify variances from your institution – green indicates that the competitor’s rate is higher; yellow indicates that the rates are the same and red indicates that the rate is lower.

Market Scatter Chart

Visualize how your company’s rates stack up in the market place and spot opportunities that competitors may have missed. The scatter chart design makes it easy to spot outliers. You can hover over any data point for more details on the institution, their product definitions, the rates and terms. In addition to the chart, the data tab allows you to see a breakdown of all the rates plotted on the chart.


View detailed interest rate data in SNLxl, SNL’s web-based Excel Add-In. Create your own custom-built model using the fields of your choice. Or, use SNL’s Depository Rates Ranking Report to quickly rank a depository's rates across SNL's standard savings, jumbo, consumer and mortgage products within selected markets against its competitors. SNL’s depository interest rate data can be found in 4 data sets within SNLxl: Companies, Regulated Depositories, Branches and Geographic Intelligence.

Custom Rates Research

For clients who need even more specialized rates information, SNL offers Custom Rates Research. With a customized offering, you can track rates for products ranging from business deposit accounts and jumbo mortgage products, to auto loans for different ages of vehicles to additional amounts for home equities.

For a complete understanding of your competitors’ products and pricing for all deposit products, SNL’s custom 360° Reports provide the complete picture. Click here for more details on our Custom Rates products.